Sectors We Work In


As experts in hazardous material management and land redevelopment, we offer a highly focussed service to the Utilities sector. By specialising in this sector, we ensure that for every contract we manage, we have the expertise necessary to deliver a first class quality service. As part of the Lucion Services risk management group, our team of Environmental Consultants and ground engineers have access to health, safety and hazardous material Senior Consultants, Surveyors and Analysts. As a team, we have the necessary experience, qualifications, equipment and training to deliver in each of these specialist sectors. We deliver risk, hazardous material and environmental management services and consultancy to various utility clients, nationwide.


The utility network in the UK comprises buildings and structures which have been built over decades, and in some cases, centuries. This however only scratches the surface of the areas to be considered when working on the utility network. High voltage cabling, clean water contamination, highly specialist access equipment requirements, ecological considerations and of course the necessity of these sites being operational 24/7 to service the population mean that working in these environments is an extremely specialist area.


Our Training

To continue to deliver our services in this sector, specific training of our site teams is key, with the likes of Water Hygiene Cards (Blue Cards) and BESC scheme registration being a regular requirement for our customers.


Nationwide Coverage

National coverage and a large workforce is in some cases essential to delivering these types of projects, and demonstrating the competence of both the company, and the individuals working for us through registration with Achilles UVDB, Alcumus Safe Contractor and Environment Agency Waste Carrier Certification providing assurance of our commitment to delivering quality work in a safe manner.


Visibility of your portfolio

Our online, cloud-based health, safety, and compliance management software NexGen provides real-time reporting. Samples and analysis results can be provided to main contractors, clients and other members of their supply chain allowing immediate decisions to be made, reducing downtime, and enabling other trades to proceed with their works.


Innovative Solutions


A prime example of our service delivery capability is the inclusion of geo-location pin-points when working on multiple of our utilities contracts. This enabled the exact location of all the client’s assets including manholes, remote substations, sewage works and other off-grid sites in their area, which was previously unknown. To enhance this data management, as each asset is surveyed, a photograph is taken on the surveyor’s tablet, which pinpointed the exact longitude and latitude location and inputted this data including photo and asbestos information into an interactive online map.