Infrastructure Asbestos Management

Our BOHS certified, trusted Lucion Infrastructure asbestos surveyor team conduct asbestos management surveys to infrastructure clients throughout the UK.

What Should You Do If You Discover Asbestos?

Does your team know what to do in the event that they find asbestos? Use our simple asbestos discovery flowchart to inform your teams about what to do when suspected asbestos is discovered.

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What is an asbestos management survey for infrastructure assets?

Previously known as a Type 2 asbestos survey, the asbestos management survey is a legal requirement for duty holders responsible for any assets. The Design manual for roads and bridges introduces document CG105 which is Highways England’s guide for Asbestos Management and stipulates how a management survey should be carried out.

A desk study is carried out of any available drawings or other records relating to the structure or asset. This is followed by a non intrusive site investigation. This would normally be undertaken without any traffic management unless the risk assessment identified this as a requirement.

The survey report is produced in a format to comply with CG105 and will include both desktop findings and on site findings. The report includes extracts from drawings highlighting the locations where asbestos is present or is presumed to be present within the structure or asset.

All findings are categorised as desktop or site findings so that the client can interpret the report and use it to inform the need for more intrusive investigations prior to refurbishment or demolition of a structure or asset.

Our dedicated infrastructure surveyors have undergone specific training to carry out the desk study and site investigations and are authorised under our UKAS accreditation for this purpose.

What will the asbestos management survey report tell me?

The survey report will identify where ACMS are likely to be within the structure or where they have been positively identified by site investigation and sampling. The report will give recommendations for any remedial work or inform the management plan for the asset going forward

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